3D project “Chemnitz in 3D”

As part of the “Model Your Town competition”, in 2012, two residents of Chemnitz and I rebuilt the city center of your home town with Trimple Sketchup to display it in Google Earth.

The competition, which was advertised worldwide by Google Inc., consisted of teams of up to six members recreating any number of buildings in their hometown as a 3D model. Main goals werethe number of buildings, quality of metadata, model accuracy and density of the entire city model. As a three-man team, we tried to visualize all buildings of the city center of Chemnitz city, as well as several important sights of our hometown. We used the 3D modeling software Google Sketchup (now Trimbel Sketchup).

Over 1000 teams participated in the competition. Unfortunately we could not move into the final round. However my hometown was now presented in the third dimension in Google Earth.

Screenshots of this project in Google Earth:

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