Welcome to my Web portfolio. My projects in the topics Software development and 3D Art - and some press articles about me. Have fun to discover my projects!


Further press about GE API games

Very much attention got my 3D online games “Formula One” and “Snowboarding” developed with the Google Earth API. Many blogs and news papers wrote about these applications.


Kör Formel 1 i Google Earth (swedish)

Nu finns en F1-simulator på webben där man kan klocka sin varvtid på olika banor i årets tävlingsomgång. På söndag 24 mars körs årets andra Formel 1-tävling.

Formel 1 - Browserspiel in Google Earth

Browser game “Formula One”

The browser game “Formula 1” is a hobby project that was implemented by me in 2013 with the Google Earth API, PHP, mySQL and Javascript on my Google Earth website “MisterFoley’s 3D World”.


Der Erbauer von Chemnitz (german)

Ein Ingenieur aus Wittgensdorf baut seine Heimatstadt für den Internetdienst Google-Earth originalgetreu nach. Besonders anspruchsvoll war dabei ein Gebäudekomplex aus DDR-Zeiten.

Sojus-Startrampe Baikonur

3D Project “Starting Soyuz”

The project “Starting Soyuz” was a project during my spare time in the autumn of 2007 with the goal to visualize the transport of the Soviet/Russian “Soyuz” rocket to the launch pad in 3D.

Stadhäusern von Palma de Mallorca

3D Project “Spanish House”

The 3d project “Spanish House” was a spare time project in March 2005 with the goal to model a few old townhouses of the Spanish city of Palma de Mallorca in 3D.