PC game “The Mars Exploration – die Herausforderung”

The game “The Mars Exploration – The Challenge” was my 1st contribution for the nationwide youth competition “MB21” in the year 2001. With the game I immediately got the shared 1st place.

Mankind is ready to explore the Mars.

A manned rover is leaving a Mars Station.

The story of the “The Mars Exploration – die Herausforderung” (“The Mars Exploration – The Challange”): The Soviet Union and the US are engaged in a thrilling race for the first space probe and the ultimate goal to build a Mars station on the red planet. The player builds mechanical probes at the beginning and mounts them on different rockets. Close to the end of the game starts the colonization of the red planet with humans. The player has the choice to take control of the American Space Agency NASA or the Russian RSA / Rokosmos. He has to raise the necessary money for future missions, equip the missions and then help them to succeed as good as possible. The gameplay in TME is divided into two stages. The first stage deals with the “Cold War”, the second with the “Time of the International Cooperation”. The game brings players closer to Mars research in eight exciting, futuristic and historical missions.

A tiny mars rover is leaving its base station.

Successful deployment of a small rover on Mars.

I developed the game in the spare time during my 12th grade at school. The programming language was Delphi in Object Pascal. The Graphics tool to create game graphics and animations was the simple program “MS Paint” and “Corel PhotoPaint”. During this time i painted each single frame individually.

Game trailer of the Game on YouTube:


  • Turn-based Strategy game for desktop computer


  • 1st Place in Category „Applications/Games“ at the MB21 2001 (Nationwide)

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