Desktop game „Robo Challenge“

I implemented a desktop version of the board game “RoboRally”as part of the achievment of the subject “Programming III” during my studies at the University of Applied Sciences in 2007.

The turn-based game is about to drive your robot as fast as possible through a kind of factory hall with randomly-obtained programming chips. You have to plan five moves into the future with these chips. The program set runs “fully automatically” after the planning phase. Various obstacles such as conveyor belts, lasers and holes have to be overcome.

The project was implemented with Microsoft VisualBasic.NET (software development), Caligari TrueSpace6 (3D assets) and Adobe Photoshop (graphics) and includes the game, a game board editor and a rudimentary AI for the opposing robot.


  • turn-based computer game inspired by the popular board game by Richard Garfield

InGame Screenshots of the desktop game:

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