Short film “Die Planetenentdecker”

Almost every child knows the planets of our solar system. But who knows the persons who discovered these satellite of our sun? The CGI short film “Die Planetenentdecker” investigates this question.

The time travel starts in the ancient Babylon 6000 years ago to the the Discoverer of Pluto (was 2002 a Planet) in Arizona “only” 70 years ago. On this journey through time you will meet the pioneers Galileo Galilei (inventor of the telescope), Nicolaus Copernicus (Heliocentric worldview), Wilhelm Herschel (discoverer of Uranus) and Johann Gottfried Galle (co-discoverer of Neptune).

Together with the presentation of the ideas of the discoverers comes also a insight into the world of astronomy.

I rendered, cutted and produced this short film in 2002 with the 3D modeling & animation tool Caligari trueSpace3.


  • Documentary film, 7 Minutes 45 Seconds


  • 2nd place in category „Video/Animation“ at MB21 2002 (Nationwide)


The whole short film on YouTube:

The original soundtrack of this short film was “Pulstar” and “Alpha” by Vangelis.

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